Bye Bye Baltics

We’ve drawn to an end of the Baltic adventure. I just checked and we’ve only missed the Museum of Vodka and the KGB building in the Trip Advisor list of must-dos in Riga. We’re really not Vodka drinkers and I think John was afraid that his name would be posted in the KGB Museum. So we move on. This time by bus—it’s only a 32-hour ride from Riga to Bonn. The Bus had all the amenities—seats that recline, a toilet, WiFi and more walking around space than we would get on an airplane. And I’ve taken a 3rd class overnight train in India. What’s the fuss? We sat in the second tier so I felt I had a bird’s eye view. Walking a town is one of my favorite things and this way I felt I had the speedy drone tour of the Baltics. Much more scenic than flying.

We’d done a lot of thinking about the next step. We have friends near Bonn, Germany that we had planned on seeing but we needed to make a decision about Paris. So we decided that after the 2 days in Bonn we would go onto Paris. When we were discussing the pros and cons both John and I were struck by a sign in Paris televised by the BBC. “We weep but we do not fear.” That spoke to both of us. That and one of my favorite Creeds gifted to me by the Benedictans says:

“I believe in God, creator of a world of beauty and promise…” I do believe that this world has promise. “That this earth can rejoice in peace and prosperity.” And sometimes I just have to act as if. Going to Paris seems like the right thing to do. To stand in solidarity with those who want peace.

So once the decision was made we had a delightful time with our German friends. Andreas and Ulrike opened their home and their hearts to us. The time there was physically and spiritually nourishing and refreshing. Andreas is a gifted tour guide, historian and storyteller. We so enjoyed their company. AND, Bonn will be the site of the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth in 2020. We’re planning return trip and would love to people the celebration with friends. So, all you Beethoven lovers who would appreciate a Bonn insider tour start saving your pennies for late September 2020 festivities. It would be fun. And we promise no 32-hour bus rides.

So, while in Bonn we visited a few unique sites: Beethoven’s home, a church with a suspended angel with the face of a controversial artist from the Nazi period, more statuary showing a modern Pieta—this time with a father and mother mourning in the remnants of a cratered-during-WWll church, and a visit to the local terraced vineyards and the quaint hamlet of Ahrweiler. It was all wonderful, So grateful for those roses in my life.

So we are off again.

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